Moving in Belgium

When you are planning to move in Belgium and you still do not have a place to live, here is some websites which helps you to find an appartement:

 Immo  ImmowebHebbesKapaza2dehands 

The first three ones are most common and maybe the best ones, also the last ones are also good, but most of the time people use them then they are looking for furniture, decorations, bicycle’s.

If you are a student you can easily something find in Appartager and Erasmusu. Here you can find short-term contracts.

Also you can search for groups on Facebook, as a For Rent In Antwerp.  If you are coming alone and you are looking for a roommate, for sure you will find something.

Also I have not known that you can look for apartment using agency help. I knew that they have them, but I had no clue that it is for free.  You do not need to pay any money for the agency!!!!!!

The owners whom are looking for tenants they pay for agency so you are free to use all the agencies. And every city has their different rules, for example, in Antwerp if you find apartment which one belongs to agency  you make a call for them asking to check it, and if you be lucky  you would see it in one week. In other cities they let you to see appartement the same day, but as I mentioned before it depends in which city you are.

It take some time to find your own home, so it would be better to do that before coming here. In another hand, if you have enough money and you can stay for a while in a hostel or someone’s house, you could do that and living here.

P.s. I forgot to mention that renting contract terms starts from 1 year to 3 years. So do not be scary of that, this is how it works in Belgium.

Plus, you will need to pay at least two months deposit. Don’t forget that!



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