Tips before signing a rent contract

  • Inventarisation

Check all the corners of the apartment  – all windows, doors, walls, kitchen equipment, bathroom and so on.. You need to check everything!  Just to be sure what kind of damage is done before you going to move in.

  • Take photos

You and the landlord should take photos of every area of the apartment that you think is damaged, or just to have proves then you will leave a place.

If you find any damage, tell the landlord about it and have it documented in writing later on.

  •  The costs

The apartment costs that the tenant should pay:

-Building costs : usually it’s elevator costs, but it can be for a light in a hall or cleaning services (to be paid to the landlord);

– Water (to be paid to the landlord);

– Electricity and Gas (you sign up a contract with the company);

– Apartment insurance ( you sign a contract with an insurance company and pay them );

– Small repairs ( unless stated otherwise in the contract).

Optional cost:

Internet and telephone service (you sign up with a company of your choice).

The costs that a tenant should NOT pay :

The yearly apartment tax – this tax is for the owner of the real-estate, it is his obligation and is deducible from his taxes as business expenses;

– any building repairs/upgrades;

– major repairs in the apartment;

– building insurance.

  • The deposit

It is required to make a deposit to secure the apartment in case you damage it.

It’s usually equal to 2 month rent.


If you do, you’ll probably never get it back.

The money should be put on a frozen bank account in YOUR name. It’s the law no matter what the landlord says.

  • The Departure

If you want to leave apartment before the contract ends – wrote an e-mail  notice 3 month in advance to the landlord and make sure he sends you a  confirmation. If he doesn’t, then mail him a signed-for letter with the post.

The conditions for leaving apartment before the end of the contract should be written in the contract.Usually it is 3 month notice and you will have to pay one month rent fee.

The landlord has no right to access your apartment without your permission.

If you come home one day, and find him inside it, call the police and have him arrested.

Always pay with bank transfers and mention what you are paying for in the message section of the transfer.

  • And finally

Read every word of it before you sign!

If the contract is thick take it home and read it carefully.

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