Electricity and Gas

In Belgium You must on your own choose the companies for facilities as electricity and gas. It is totally different comparing with my home land Lithuania. There we have only one company and you do not need to look for the other one. In Belgium they have so many of them that you have ability to choose one who the best suits your interest. I live in Antwerp, in Flanders side so all these companies are from this area. Here is some of them: Lampiris ;  Electrabel Luminus ;  Essent .

They have much more, but these ones are most common in the market.

Also they have sites where you can compare energy prices from different companies:

Mijnenergie ,  Vreg .

They have fixed prices, so after one year (depends on your contract), they can return you many back or ask to pay back for them. Everything depends on how much energy you have used in that fixed period.

Internet providers 

There are a lot of internet service providers in Belgium and it is not easy to find the best one. Not everybody uses the internet in the same way and therefore, not everybody needs the same internet speed and connection. There is the main ones that I know:

Proximus , Scarlet , Telenet .

I found one website that I have not seen it before – Besttariff. It is a search programme for an internet provider. Maybe it helps :))

P.s.  I forgot to mention that it takes really long time to install your internet!!! It can be from one week to one month!! So be ready for waiting!! 

Also before installing internet in your home they are going to check your identity. I’m not kidding! It can take a day or just an a half hour. When I ask in a shop why they need to check my identity sales assistant said, that they need to be sure that you are not a terrorist!! That’s a Belgium 😀


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