Tips for recycling garbage

You have must follow some rules for throwing garbage away in Belgium.  You can not throw away them in any other bag as a city bag. Every city has their own garbage bags  with their city logo.

If you throw away garbage in other kind of bag you will get punishment and no one will take your bag from the street. I am not joking! You must follow the rules!

You can buy those bags in Delhaize shop as far as I know.

The main recycling bags:

  • White “Rest” bag –  all other materials. It is an expensive one, option – try to minimise this 🙂


  • Blue PMD bag – plastic bottles, drink cartons, metal cans.


  • Green bag – compostable materials like vegetables, organic materials that decompose. Keep your bags small otherwise they start decomposing in you apartment :/



  • Paper & carton – try to bind it together with a rope or put it in a carton box.
  • Glass bottles – there are collection points throughout the city – look fort hem or ask the other tenants.
  • ‘Big’ carbage can be brought to a ‘Container park’ – you can bring your weekly cycle garbage also to this centre, but you might be charged for some garbage. Containerpark

Antwerpen – you will find calendar for garbage that is collected in weekly cycles.

In the beginning we did not knew how this system works here, so we were really thankful for our landlord. He explained everything for us 🙂

Sometimes you will see a furniture outside on the street, so if you need something just grab it 😀



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