Few months ago I started new life in Belgium!

I came here from my home country  Lithuania with my boyfriend.  In fact we are here just because of him (he got transferred). After a short discuss we decided to move in Antwerp, Belgium.  As a new residents we needed some information about moving in Belgium. Unluckily I could not find any kind of this information so I needed to discover everything by myself.  While my boyfriend was working I was trying to understand how everything works in Belgium: renting/looking for appartement, immigration service, vehicle permit, language courses and so on. You could say that we needed to familiarize with it before moving here and you would be right, but sometimes you so amazed by some great ideas/plans that you don‘t wanna think about normal stuff/daily life routine.

We came in Belgium believing that the first few days we gonna have our own home and everything is gonna be alright, but we faced the fact that it is not easy as it looked in the beginning. From the first day in Belgium we started our new adventure and it continues until now!

I started this blog hoping that it would help for expats moving in Belgium. I’m going to write about all the issues that we had moving here and how step by step we have solved them. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, because for both it helps to understand this country and their culture.

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